this is sweet pea sylvie.
hopeless day-dreamer.
prodigious over-thinker with a touch of melancholy.
first-time mama to cheeky Marley Thomas.
partner-in-crime to papa bear Tavita (or Tav).
self-confessed literary snob.
considers cheese and chocolate staple food.
attempting to be domesticated.
living in a tiny apartment at the bottom of the globe in Wellington, New Zealand.
trying to figure it all out and capture all the lovely things.
welcome aboard!

I blog about my family especially little Marley & our travels. I write heartfelt posts on motherhood and the odd recipe or DIY too.

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Rebecca Recommends said...

This post made me smile :) I'm just finishing my degree, and I'm studying communications for my dissertation. After that my parter and I want to move to NZ- hope we're as successful as you! xx


toi said...

this is such a lovely introduction