the deal about fall.

Sometimes I  wonder why I choose to live in the windiest city in NZ because when the weather brings it she brings it heavy. Fortunately I live perched on a hill meaning I can see the rain clouds rolling in from the Tasman, maximising the time my washing is spent out on the line before I do a last minute dash to bring it in.

But I think I've figured out the deal about autumn. The deal is it's hardly here at all. Maybe a few afternoons when the sun shines just right. Not too strong, maybe a slight chill in the air while the clouds linger just so and the leaves float by. Autumn is wonderful just for the fact that it's so scarce. Summer always lingers leaving us with that scarcity of a golden autumn on the precipice of winter.

Marley turns one next month. I think about babies and I think about fall. It all clicks into place. It is so precious and wonderful because we know we can't keep it. For hardly a moment it is here with chubby cheeks and it's finally cool enough for cute knitted sweaters.

All day long in my overcast fog, my mindset carrying the weather, I stop to shake my shoulders and force myself to see the beautiful fall day happening around me. The morning is all grey steel blue moody skies, mustard yellow with the changing leaves, and in the midst of it all a little boy and his mama try their best to make the most of it all.

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Rose said...

Very interesting, are you in New Zealand? I am in the USA it's spring here! I never really thought about how it maybe fall in other countries...

Thanks for sharing!