rugged up.

Currently I start every morning with an aspiration to be the epitome French cozy chic (true fact). It really is the best part about winter, cold weather brings out the the hidden mademoiselle in all of us. If you were to come over for a coffee, 99% of the time I would be rugged up in merino with a chunky scarf, uggs, and my favourite Levi's. With minimal make up and tousled hair, it's my best attempt to get that 'just thrown together' effortless look the French do so well. Perfecting the art of layering is a work in progress for me, but I've found it helps to start with a base of merino, layered up with a blouse, a jumper, then a coat and the chunkiest scarf I can find a la' Pinterest. Have you tried layering? What works best for you?

TOP | Me wearing Kate Sylvester merino & Moochi hooded scarf
BOTTOM | left, middle, right

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Bianca Malata said...

Beautiful pictures! I need one of those scarves in my life! It starting to get really cold in London lately.