culinary hibernation.

We woke up to a cold southerly this morning, like somebody kicked the door in and a bone chilling draft came out of nowhere. This kind of weather makes me crave rich wintery goodness in my belly, the kind that puts you in a food coma all day long. Light salad seems an insult to freezing fingers. In fact anything that doesn't involve butter or stock or rich tomato - go away, you peppy foods - don’t come back until I can feel my toes.

Of course, that heavy feeling post-Mount Everest (of lasagna) means climbing into a tangle of warm sheets for digestive purposes. It is simply the best sensation on earth and I’ve resolved to not limit going to bed to just once a day. It's an official winter necessity for our household over the next three months.

On a side note - I love this pan wall. Can I please get it in my kitchen now?
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Rebecca Alexis said...

wonderful! it is almost summer here. naps on the beach and long lazy afternoons are in order. but I often think I would trade it in for stew and climbing into bed for digestive purposes. xo

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you mean about needing food to fit the cold winter months. Give me a stew or potatoes, something really hearty and not a light salad for me either. Climbing into bed after a meal is one of the best things in this world. I really like the pan wall as well.
from Nina @Professional Doctorate

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