city pulse.

Living within ten minutes walk of hours of entertainment for a small child, we hardly venture far from our borough, leaving the bustling CBD to the men in suits. Every now and again we are sucked into the corporate Lambton Quay for errands, and the day usually finishes with an over-stimulated child and a serious case of pram rage. I do my best to avoid such situations (please remind me never to move to NYC), but today I awoke with an unusual case of spontaneity and drive to get my to-do list crossed off.

Well, the stars aligned for us on this particular Friday, and we set off on foot to make the trek into the concrete jungle. I had this ambitious plan to walk in, run errands along the Quay, dodge my way back to Te Papa for some much-needed museum wandering, then make the journey back home in time for M's afternoon nap. Energised by the hustle and bustle, my grandiose plan somehow came to culmination. As I carved my way through the footpath, Marley waved to passer-bys like a prince in his carriage (much to my amusement), and pointed to sky-high cranes building the Wellington skyline.

Stepping into Te Papa, New Zealand's cornerstone of creativity and history, we transported ourselves to Samoa, making music in the fale and exploring the feeling of the tapa cloth. Witnessing the process of discovery, seeing Marley explore his heritage with wonder, I make a mental note to come here more often. We are so lucky to have this amazing resource at our fingertips.

We reluctantly ventured back in the direction of home, skipping the afternoon nap in favour of stopping for slices of pizza in Courtney Place. We arrived back feeling tired, accomplished, inspired. It was one of those days where the wind was settled and the afternoon sun casted a shadow across the CBD. Every person, every building, every park bench, was a pulse beating in the rhythm of the city I love.

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