anatomy of a rainy day.

I woke up this morning to a landscape of greys. Out our window lay foggy skies rolling in off the coast, hanging low to kiss the hills, and in the distance a wash of grey concrete buildings in the CBD peep through the cloud. Amidst my sleepy haze I snuggle my squirmy little chub of a baby having his bottle next to me in bed under heavy covers. I hear papa bear clanking around in the kitchen getting ready for his day.

As is the case on these dreary May days the rain never stops. Daddy leaves for work and the two of us are left make our way to the lounge to watch fat gray drops trickle down our window, perfectly hazed over for drawing love hearts in the condensation.

While it's stormy outside my cramped quarters are right cozy, and I can truly think of nothing better than a day spent playing with my baby and baking a loaf of bread. There's something healing about the rhythm of kneading warm dough, knowing that soon the house will smell of it's wholesome aroma. I get out the A-frame tent and we quickly set up camp inside with plenty of books and beeswax crayons which end up being eaten despite my best intentions. We bop our heads to melody's playing in the background and of course, we stay in our pajamas til midday.

On grey days like today you have to make your own sunshine. Fortunately, when it comes to sunshine, I think I've got it covered.

For those of you who are interested, here's my current rainy day playlist: 
Always Spring - I'm From Barcelona
 Something Good - altJ
1957 - Milo Greene
Play Again - The Broken Signals
Frivolous Life - YesYou
Blow Away - A Fine Frenzy
Time To Run - Lord Huron
Ghosts - Laura Marling
California - Delta Spirit
When the City Lights Dim - Cold Specks
Can't You Tell - Vetiver
Northern Sky - Mister and Missisippi
Natural Selection - UNKLE

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