capturing moments.

Photographing Marley has been big part of the enjoyment I've had as a new parent. Even though I'm only an amateur, I'm certainly an enthusiast for capturing moments of my child. The idea of being a memory keeper and solidifying tiny moments forever is a rewarding concept for me. Through my lens I see the world as he sees it, revealing a fresh perspective on life, a new found sense of gratitude. Though I've still got a lot to learn technically speaking here's a few things I've learned about the essence of photography - capturing moments...

Document their life
Your camera doesn't need to be just for posed portraits. Always have it handy so you can document their activities and day-to-day life. I think it's the most rewarding when I find something beautiful in the most simple parts of our lives.

Don't put your camera away too soon
It seems children have a talent for performing once the camera is put away. I always stay patient and keep my camera set to go in case something great happens afterwards then I can still seize the moment.

Set up a situation
Sometimes I like to create a situation which I know Marley will respond to. The other day I started blowing bubbles because I knew how much he loved them, and I was able to capture some of his biggest smiles yet. I usually allow for him to become involved and relaxed in the situation before I start shooting, so the photos look natural. Doing this will allow you to anticipate shots - well, easier than it is when you are just following them all day long with a camera.

View from all angles
Every photo session I do with Marley, I always experiment with my angles. I usually start laying right on the ground at his height, then work my way up to get a bird's-eye-view. I also keep in mind to move around him so I can experiment with the light.

In-between moments
I find my standard digital camera and iPhone to slow to keep up with Marley's fast movements. Using my DSLR with auto-focus and a fast shutter speed means I can shoot almost non-stop and capture the in-between moments, like those adorable sneezing faces.

By staying relaxed and confident, you'll take pictures where the spirit moves you. The best part about photographing children is that if you fail today, there will always be plenty of great moments tomorrow, and with that philosophy, you'll get many good shots. Is there anything else I've missed? I'd love to know your tips too!


Andiepants said...

I need to borrow a baby so I can start taking shots like you!
What type of lens do you use??

Marley is adorbs!

Andie's Traveling Pants

Raising Reagan said...

Marley is getting so big! Such a cutie!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo