"a photo of Marley once a week, every week in 2013"

For someone who was trying to climb into their cot via the impossibly small gap between bars, he looks hardly impressed that I helped put him in there. This almost-toddler logic always leaves me befuddled. That said, his bottom lip gets me every time, and if I stare at this photo a moment longer my heart will literally melt.


sascedar said...

what a gorgeous photo, although probably the one face you never forget as a mama! Those bottom lips and sad eyes tend to burn into our memories. ;) have a sweet week, sarah

Rebecca Alexis said...

oh that bottom lip, those big eyes! what a gem of a moment. He may not think so when he looks back on it when he is older, but he will realize it when he has his own children someday. This is just ever so so sweet! xxoo

krysta said...

Awww my sweet little thing! Who can resist this face?