mother's love.

Mother's Love print by Kelli Murray Art

In the darkness of the night I placed my palm on his fevered brow, feeling a building fever in the warmth of his skin. Soft kisses on his cheeks, I held my little boy while he quietly whimpered and sniffled.

I had somewhat expected this - 8 months without getting sick, I knew we were pushing our luck. With all his strength, he lifted his tiny head to look at me. His eyes glazed with tears told me 'mama make me better.'

Gently swaying my baby, my mind danced to the tune of the night. He was snuggled in to my chest listening to my familiar heart beat, a sound which was his world for 9 months. I contemplated the healing force of a mother's love - a power which transcends far beyond.

There's a lot of hurt in this world and not much is for certain, but we can always seek refuge in the life force that creates us. I feel an overwhelming sense of peace that Marley will forever walk this earth with my love.

What a privilege it is to be a mother.