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Like most people, I always go Italian when it comes to meatballs. It just makes sense right? That was until I tried my mum's secret recipe meatballs. They had a delicious savoury flavour which as it turns out was Asian-inspired. I knew immediately that I wanted to make a simplified version of tiny bite-sized meatballs for Marley. His verdict? He ate the whole lot!

Beef mince
Hoisin Sauce (we buy it from the Asian Supermarket because it's cheaper)

No need for measurements - I just throw in what my senses tell me and mix together (with 400grams of mince I would put at least a tablespoon of sauce in). Roll the mixture into teeny balls and bake until cooked through (or pan fry if you're in a rush).

kitchen notes
Keep in mind once chilled, these become a harder consistency. If I can't re-heat them, I just break them into smaller pieces for peace of mind. They're still very tasty cold. Of course you can add onions etc etc, if you're feeling like it.
P.S. Keep them hidden from the hubs or he will eat them all!!

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