9 months old.

9 months on the inside, 9 months on the outside, my sweet boy you are such a hoot these days and boy oh boy are you growing fast. This morning your Dad bought you into our room, and as soon as you saw me you kicked your legs with excitment. Dad plonked you down on the bed, and you crawled over to me at top speed. You smushed your cheeks on mine giving me a dribble-faced kiss, and for a little while you stayed still just snuggling me. You know how to love your mama good and it melts my heart. Happy 9 months old!

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Chloe Moon said...

This post is why I want to be a Mom one day! It must have been the sweetest sight to see your lil boy reach for you like that! =)

Of course I'll go follow on you on Bloglovin! Who knows what the fate of GFC will be!!

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Bettina Rae said...

I wish I had remembered to take more photos of moments like that.


Sarah said...

Beautiful! Happy 9 month birthday! Oh and I am now following you on Bloglovin' too!

Miya said...

So adorable!
following you with bloglovin :)


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

9 months makes such a big difference ... inside the tummy and out. Happy 9 months!