"a portrait of Marley once a week, every week in 2013"

As is with most projects of this scale, you have your good weeks and your bad weeks. This week was the latter, finding myself staring at the computer on Sunday night realising I had taken less photos than usual this week, leaving me with only 3 pictures to choose from. At first this made me feel dissapointed that I hadn't made a point to photograph for this week's 52 project. However, it dawned on me, as I stated in my (mornings post) earlier this week "I find gratitude in celebrating these notions, the simple things in our everyday. After all this is what our life is mostly built of." I'm doing this project for the wrong reasons if it's only about the creativity of the shot. I want to see my son grow through the lense of this camera as it's only for so long that he will happily share avocado on toast with me, taking his time to delicately select each small piece then delightfully smush it across his face.

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