my valentine.

We are keeping it simple this year and celebrating our Valentines Day with food: fudgey brownie covered in edible glitter hearts for him, a massive pancake and bacon stack for me, and maybe a heart shaped pizza for dinner. I figured it was only appropriate to share a slightly embarrasing picture of us doing such things. In fact, I think eating is our third favourite hobby! (The first being watching television marathons, the second being photography.) This pic was taken at our graduation from uni a few years ago, when Marley was merely a twinkle in his papa's eye. How time flies! But something which has never changed was my love for that handsome guy. Oh what a catch!

If you haven't already, you can read our love story (here)!


SH said...

That sounds like a perfect V-day!

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Judy Haughton-James said...

Beautiful picture! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sarah said...

Super cute! Happy V-Day!