easy wall art.

The last of the summer light floods our home every afternoon freshening up my bare walls. I wanted to fill the voids with something meaningful (and cheap) so obviously that meant a little creative DIY.

The three canvasses are seriously the easiest things to make, costing me all of $10 and took 10 minutes. I simply lined my canvas with masking tape and painted between the lines (it helps to paint the edges of the tape with white first so it minimises the colour from bleeding). For the triangle, I created the outline with masking tape, then drew lots of lines through the shape with a ink pen. When I pulled off the tape it revealed a lovely contrast of messy lines vs. the straight edges of the triangle.

Sometimes you just need something simple, and these easy canvasses add to the dynamic of Marley's little plaster hand and the cute family print. I think it's simply darling.

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Chloe Moon said...

Simple and pretty! My walls have been bare too long so I used some of my old drawings and paintings from high school I still liked to adorn my walls. It worked! =)

Ergo - Blog

Raising Reagan said...

Canvas is such a great way to do easy wall art!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Rose said...

What a cute idea.

I am in dire need of decorating myself. I never really thought about DIY stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!


SH said...

This is a great idea - and I love how inexpensive it is!

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