DIY recycled planter boxes.

I've been wanting planter boxes for some time now. Our house is tiny and we hardly have a patch of grass let alone a garden. I fell in love with some planter boxes at the hardware store one lazy Sunday but Tav quickly told me those were overpriced and he would make some instead.

you'll need
- Old wooden pallets from a hardware store, usually these are free (check the wood isn't splitting, we learnt this the hard way)
- Saw
- A drill if you're fancy, nails and hammer if you're old school, or nail glue if you're lazy
- Measuring tape
- A man (preferably handsome)
- A glass of wine and a chair

- get your man his tools and tell him what you want
- sit in your chair with your glass of wine and watch him figure out how to make them
- yell out random instructions at various times to feel as though you are contributing
- after an hour max, your planter box should be made!

Okay so I intended this to have proper instructions, but I lost track of what was going on (maybe it was the wine?) but Tav explained it's so simple that you don't need instructions. He basically pulled the pallet apart, and then re-nailed it back together in the shape of a box (but if you need more tips, there's heaps on Pinterest!). We lined the inside with a little polypropelene, and voila we had some cute wee planter boxes. I love that these are made from recycled wood. I'm, like, so eco chic ;)


ABpetite said...

Fantastic idea looks great

Jacqui Clynes said...

Hahaha! I LOVE this post.
I find it helps if the handsome man has a beer, and if I provide lots of compliments as he works.
Love it :-)

SH said...

Beautiful flowers!!

Happy Monday!

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Katie Broderick said...

You are so creative! I wish I had a green thumb and could actually grow flowers & veggies :)


Fabulous Petite said...

great idea. i will probably kill those plants but will get my mom to take care it for me.


Jelli said...

Loved the materials list and instructions. I just read them to my husband :) In fact, last week he was Mr. Superhero Husband and took a wheelbarrow 12+ times to and from our neighbor's house to bring me soil for a little veggie garden I'm planting. I watched from the window, hehehe.

2justByou said...

These planter boxes look easy enough. I've gotta give it a try!