Loving my new jeans. Buying your first pair post-baby is a little technical because you're never sure how much weight you're going to lose. I've been putting this off for ages but I'm happy I took my time with it. I just checked my pregnancy journal and I'm officially 18kgs lighter than I was a few days before giving birth. I can't believe it!!!!

Thinking about this (blog). A lot. Every time I read it it brings me to tears...
"We visited Florrie last Thursday as she is now homebound in the grips of a cruel cancer (not that there is ever a kind version). I also felt touched by her "care circle" as she was surrounded by the love of her daughters & other family members. It is a privilege to have all these people in our lives & know that Amber will always be looked after even when I can no longer hold her in my own arms."

Obsessed with this (song). The lyrics seem to dance around in my head.
Oh there ain't no diamonds in the boredom
Oh there ain't no darkness that I fear
Oh there ain't no way to say I love you more, no
So be clear, just to be clear

Looking forward to starting back at our playgroup today and swimming lessons this week. It's so fun to see him in his element, playing with all his little friends. It's just precious.

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la petite lulu said...

Love that summery shot! Congrats on losing the baby weight, that is awesome work! New jeans are a great feeling hey :)

SH said...

Beautiful photo - and it's wonderful that you've finalyl purchased some new post-baby jeans!


Leona said...

I've joined your blog from the Followers to Friends blog hop and just love your design and your blog posts! I really love your top in this photo too, it's so pretty x