letter to self: version 2.

The best possible version of myself. And yes, that is a meerkat in the background.

You look at this amazing person and think they are so cool/stylish/clever/beautiful/talented. You are in awe of them. And then it hits you.

"Why can't I be more like her?"

Their amazingness brings out the inadequacy in you.
It's not fair.
It's demotivating.

I know you've been doing a lot of this lately. Always comparing yourself to others. It's a bad habit, you already know this, but you're so stuck in that place of letting others make you feel less of yourself.

In the least blunt way possible, reality is there are always going to be more successful people than you. It's a general fact of life for everybody. Mark Twain said "comparison is the death of joy", and yeah, he was pretty right about that.

Here's the thing though, you're looking at this the wrong way honey.

The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. 

Look back to this time last year, or this time 5 years ago, and see how much you've learnt, how much you've blossomed. You've really come into yourself, and I can see the improvement in everything you've done.   There's still a way to go yet, yes, but the important part is that you are on your journey and moving forward.

Instead of feeling depressed when that insignificance creeps up, just be happy for that other person. Use them as a motivator. Acknowledge how hard they've worked to get there, and know in your entire soul that one day, you'll get there too.

The way you feel and the decisions you make are always going to be your choice, so please promise yourself not to be the worser version of someone else. Choose your thoughts and perspectives to create best possible version of YOU because after all, she is pretty awesome. There's no doubt about that.

Lots of love,
                     from your amazing self.

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SH said...

We do that more often than we'd like to admit, I think -comparing ourselves. Great post.


phiphis blog said...

you hit the nail on the head totally! it's hard to get perspective like that but your post is a great reminder to always remember to look within.



phiphi's blog

thecottagediaries said...

What a lovely post, I definitely compare myself to others far too much! I think its something everyone, especially girls, are guilty of.


Cindy C said...

It's so easy to say " if we knew then what we know now"... I've seen a lot of posts today about we ladies loving ourselves a little bit more. Must be something in the air. Or perhaps I should take it as a sign :) Enjoyed reading this. Take Care!

Fabulous Petite said...

very well said girl. Are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others and you hit the right note here and pointing out the obvious. Love the post and the picture.


leemeandthegirls said...

I cannot explain how much I love this post. So true! We have to be careful with all the social media out there to not get bogged down with comparing. thanks for sharing!