This is the place I grew up in. I haven't been back to Paihia for about ten years, so it was great to re-freshen old memories, create new ones, and re-experience the surreal beauty of the far north.

This is the amazing Russell - one of the first towns estabilished by the British who arrived here in the 1800s and New Zealand's first capital. It's like walking back in time with the narrow streets, original buildings and huge old fig trees. Some of our most historic and significant buildings reside here. The short ferry ride over from Paihia treated us to some dolphins too. This place is incredibly idyllic -  all I want to do is go back and sit on the beach side cafe tables, eat ice cream burgers (yes! they are made from doughnuts, amazing!) and dreamily stare into the blue blue ocean all day long.

Waitangi is just as beautiful, and for New Zealander's there's some sense of nostalgia here, knowing our roots come from the events that took place on this stunning landscape. While New Zealand's history hasn't been all smooth sailing, I think there's some kind of connection in this land that affects all New Zealander's from all walks of life, and that's what keeps us together and moving forward. This is our home.


Chloe Moon said...

One day I would love to go to New Zealand! It must be beautiful there!!

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phiphis blog said...

what beautiful pictures!! and dolphins on the ferry ride! lucky!!! hope you had a great holiday. xox P

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thecottagediaries said...

It looks beautiful. I holidayed in Russell with my family many years ago, I would love to go back!


Raising Reagan said...

It looks amazing! What a beautiful place to grow up!


Amy K said...

Looks so beautiful there! I would love to go to New Zealand. Would you like to follow each other?

Much Love,

2justByou said...

Breathtaking photos! New Zealand is an amazing place that I would love to visit. And ice cream burgers? I'd love to try that!