hello twenty-thirteen.

On our drive home we spontaneously ventured off-course to Waitomo and found ourselves upon this quaint wildlife park. It was New Year's Day and we were the only visitors there so we really got to take our time to enjoy the acres of gardens and farmland in the shining sun. The animals were hilariously friendly, with goats and chickens guiding us through the park. Marley was besotted by his new furry friends, amazed at all their different noises and the flurry of activity every time we fed them. Afterwards, we found a berry farm and enjoyed freshly made strawberry ice-creams to cool off.

It's nice to start the year the way you intend to spend it, & I can't think of anything better way than exploring our little world with my family.


Lisa said...

the pony photo really stands out :)

Chloe Moon said...

I wish I had your New Year's weather & adventures!! =)

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Cody Doll said...

Wow. That is some luck. Much better then my new year. How cool is that. I love your pictures!


drinkcitra said...

Aw how fun! What a great way to spend the first of the year!