easy DIY treasure jars.

A good way to use up your old glass jars is to make them into decorative containers for your kiddies nature collections. Although Marley isn't quite at this stage yet, Tav has preemptively begun collecting interesting trinkets along our travels, and I figured I needed some way to store them out of mischievous hands way.

  • Give the jars a good wash and soak off any labels. Spray-paint or paint your lids white in a well-ventilated area. I then stamped the lids with Marley's initial, but you could also stencil numbers on instead.
  • For the labels, you can use swing tags from clothing or make your own from card. You could always let your children decorate the swing tags, however as Marley isn't at a drawing stage yet I stamped my labels. Tie these on with twine, or place inside the jar.
  • Now for the fun part - explore nature and fill the jars with shells, pebbles, sea glass, leaves, or any other souvenirs your children might find. Hopefully these jars will stop the house becoming scattered with trinkets from days at the beach!

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SH said...

Awesome idea!