INSPIRED BY Tuscany. My cooking has turned into one big wild Italian feast since I read Under the Tuscan Sun by travel writer Frances Mayes. If you've seen the film then completely forget about it because it's nothing like the novel!

THINKING ABOUT where I'm going and wondering what this year will bring. I'm a little lost, but in the best way possible.

LOVING that for the last week I've been able to sleep from 11pm-6am. It's the most sleep I've had since Marley was born. How do us mama's even manage to live on such little sleep??

LOOKING FORWARD TO the improvements being made on Sweet Pea Sylvie. We finally bought a DSLR (yay!) and I've re-discovered the Photoshop goddess within. Watch this space people, watch this space!


Beatriz López Lumbreras said...

I'll be watching!!I see the excitement in your words!

Bea =)

Raising Reagan said...

Loved the movie ~ haven't read the book but it looks like a good one to read.
Definitely have to put Under the Tuscan Sun on my list!


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Book Geek said...

Yummmy! Italian! I bet all those delicious smells are marvelous! :)


jackie jade said...

congrats on the new camera! i really need to step it up a notch and get a fancier camera asap!

Julie said...

Yayy for DSLR! Also you look just like Scarlett Johansson on the picture! Cute!


Jill St George said...

Love Frances Mayes! If you get a chance, read Bella Tuscany as well - fabulous! Her books have lingered in my head forever.

Beautiful blog BTW...saw you on Living in Yellow.