how marley got his name.

 I think naming your baby is a very personal thing, and I used to get over-sensitive about it when I was pregnant. Everyone wants to know your name ideas are and will quite happily give their unsolicited opinion. I didn't really want to know what other people's opinions were so I learned pretty early on to just pretend we didn't have any.

The truth was, we had a name.
We had a girls name.
Pretty much from the six week mark we named our bump and that was bumps name right through to 39 weeks plus 5 days. We really were convinced our baby was a girl in my tummy.

Lost on boy's names, the night before my waters broke we had a 'naming party'. I was really stuck on getting a nice first-name-to-middle-name-to-last-name flow. Tav had ranked Marley on the top of his list.
"Marley?" I said
"I've never heard of that name before."
I accepted it onto our final short-list, even though my heart was already stuck on another boy's name.

Fast forward another day and we got into the car to drive to the hospital. Anxious, we turned on the radio to relax, and guess who was playing on the radio?
Bob Marley.
Tav said it was a sign, but I blew that off. My concern was elsewhere. Naming a baby sounded easy in comparison to the impending reality that I had to somehow get this baby out.

Baby boy was born later that afternoon, and if you've read my birth story, not all went to plan. Everyone was asking for a name, but I was still in a weird place and didn't feel like I could name him until I had properly held him in my arms, until I really felt like a mother with her child.

As I got to know my little boy, the name Marley kept popping into my head. I just couldn't get it out.

I suppose part of me was anxious about what people would think because it also reminded me of the movie Marley and Me. In the end, I realised that this was about our family, not about what other people thought.
And anyway, Marley and Me is a cool movie.

We named our son Marley Thomas Sila. Thomas for his great-grandfather. Sila is Tav's last name. And funnily enough, I've said it so many times now that it seems to flow just perfectly.

It turns out Marley means 'pleasant seaside meadow'. I suppose in some way he is my pleasant seaside meadow, my little escape, my serenity. I love that his name is unique, and I really couldn't think of a more perfect name for that cheeky little face.

Personalised stocking c/o  Jenna at Miss Lucy's Boutique.


Jen said...

I think Marley is precious!! And it's original. At least he wont graduate with a bunch of other Marleys. I had 10 Jennifers in my class...Thanks 80's!!

He's beautiful, too!

Amber said...

I absolutely adore the owl!! Super cute.. I have a family member named Marley and think it is adorable..

Just started following you from the blog hop and I love you space!


Noelle said...

That's is a wonderful name. It's unique, without being crazy. And it sounds like t was meant to be!

Baylee said...

I loveeeeeee the name Marley. I think it's so rad! And his name flows great!

ChatterBlossom said...

Marley Thomas is such a darling name!

Michelle Carter said...

Adorable! Names are hard! We were the opposition, had a ton of cute boy names, no girl names! Then one day my husband said, "how about, Elsa?" I loved it and that was the only name we ever thought of for our baby girl! We love our little Elsa!!

Rose said...

What a cute name! :]

I know exactly what you mean about people and their opinions. I am expecting a boy Jan. 7th and we are planing on naming him Bear. 90% of everyone we tell is saying it is a bad idea and coming up with all sorts of other names that are "better". We learned early on that we should just wait until after he is born to tell everyone his name :]

Thanks for sharing!

Raising Reagan said...

Names are such a hard thing ~ especially when someone always has an opinion on it.
I like your son's name!


Anonymous said...

I love the name! And funny because i thought you named him after Bob Marley!

drinkcitra said...

Aw great name! :D Hehe and I love Marley and Me!

Kendra Pahukoa said...

great name! and come on thats a beautiful baby you have there- what else could matter! :)
im new to your blog hop and so glad to be a new follower as well. i'll be back again every week!!