wanderlust in Wellington.

Kia Ora & hello from Wellington City, New Zealand! Otherwise known as Wellywood for being the hub of the NZ film industry, or Windy Wellington because we get battered by huge gales on a daily basis! I love my little city, and Lonely Planet agrees that it's pretty awesome too. Today I'm going to give you a little tour guide, and we will be assisted by fellow Wellington-lover Miranda Kerr!. She hearts Wellington, and you can check out an article she did with the NY Times about it (plus photo sources) here.


Red Rocks.
A wee hike along the coast of Wellington you'll find the beautiful Red Rocks. Geology has been creative in this neck of the woods, and you'll find the rocks are literally red! On a sunny day you'll also get amazing views of the South Island, and 100's of seals like the bask in the warmth on the rocks.

Te Papa
This is our national museum, and it lives up to it's expectations. It has the best collection of NZ Art I have ever seen, as well as great permanent exhibitions on our flora and fauna, our cultural history including an amazing Maori Marae, and a look into our geological history.

Oriental Bay
Otherwise known as O-Bay, this is the place to be in the summertime. You can swim, sunbath, ride the crocodile bikes or roller blade along the footpath. The apartments along the parade are the top property spots in Wellington.

The Embassy Theatre
This is an amazing old movie cinema which still pays homage to it's original Art Nouveau interior. Peter Jackson is a huge fan, and hosts all of his Lord of the Rings/King Kong/The Hobbit premiers here.

Cuba Street
This is the cultural hub of the city. It's a thrifter's heaven with the best boutique shopping in town. It's also busker-central, and you'll find fantastic entertainment the whole way up the street. With some great street side cafes and bars, this is the place to go for the full Wellington experience.

Lambton Quay
Only ten minutes walk from Cuba St, this has the best shopping in NZ. All our top stores are along the Quay, but avoid it midday as the street gets packed full of suits on their lunch break.

Stone Street Studios
Drive up the big hill nearby in Miramar and you'll see the full set up of Stone Street Studios with their amazing outdoor green screen ten shipping-containers high! This is where they film the likes of Peter Jackson's films, Tin Tin, Avatar and so much more!


This is the local hot spot for Royal NZ Ballet Director Ethan Steifel. He's the heart throb in everyones favourite dance film from the 90's - Center Stage *swoon*. Oh and their food is AMAZING.

Sweet Mother's Kitchen
For some cheap hearty meals, this kitsch New-Orleans style restaurant is always buzzing.

Nikau Cafe
This is a hidden gem behind the Wellington City Gallery, this is a taste of NZ cafe culure at it's finest.

Memphis Belle
This has NZ's top barrister, and is THE place for serious coffee lovers. You haven't lived until you've tried freshly roasted Flight Coffee.

Maranui Cafe
It's right on the beach and Miranda Kerr loves it. Enough said.

These places are all local secrets, so keep it on the down low okay! Next week we are looking forward to a Strawberry Festival and the premier of The Hobbit (we are even going to dress Marley up teehee!).
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate it here but I'm always thankful for my beautiful readers xo.


Gia @ Lovely Serendipity said...

This is perfect! I'm going to Wellington on Christmas week, this post is very helpful! :)

Buttons Apart said...

Wellington is such a great city, I loved it when I visited and much preferred it to Auckland. The Te Papa museum is brilliant!

Sita xx

Pattee @ Wannabe Empress said...

I'm an Aucklander, but I kind of secretly love Wellington more. Hehe~

phiphis blog said...

thank you for this list!!! hope you had a great weekend!

xox P