currently obsessed : fab gifts under $50

Dear boyfriend Santa, here are some gifts I like that are all under $50, just to help narrow things down for you. 

Hopefully this gives the rest of you some gift ideas too.  Seriously the Ryan Gosling book is only $12.95!!!

Each image clicks through to it's link, so get clicking boyfriend Santa.


Anonymous said...

Aw the macarons are adorable! Hope 'Santa' takes the hints LOL xx

Raising Reagan said...

That's quite the "aw" iPhone case.
Anything Ryan Gosling would be most appreciated :)


Zia Blue said...

omg, i love those little earbud jack buddies :3 i have my eye on the cutest little owl one!

drinkcitra said...

Aw awesome items! I love the little ear phone plugs :D

thecottagediaries said...

I would love the Ryan Gosling book! My have to have a word to Santa (Husband).