cleaning is fun! (yes I just said that) project : get organised.

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Okay ladies. It's time to revolutionize our approach organising. Gone are the days of boring, painful, solitary cleaning. Let's welcome a new dawn of FUN whilst we get organised.
Apparently when you exercise, upbeat music improves your output by up to 20%. I think this principal can be applied to cleaning and organising too. What's a better motivator and time killer than some jazzy tunes? Below I've made a YouTube playlist of songs for your personal cleaning enjoyment. These songs are guilty pleasures and/or classics depending on what era you are from. Either way, let's ham it up and get our extra 20% efficiency, cos I'm all about maximum results.

Oh no, and it doesn't stop there either. The second suggestion is to treat yourself afterwards. I'll admit I'm the worst for sitting in my just cleaned house and brooding over the fact that feminism never fixed inequality when it comes to household chores. Instead, reward yourself for all that hard work girlfriend! Rewards can be at various ends of the money spectrum. You could sit down with some chocolate to watch Magic Mike, or you could go for a facial (make sure hubby pays!). Either way, make sure that hard work doesn't go to waste.

My final idea for increasing the fun would be to recruit some friends (this is more appropriate for the big jobs). Instead of making the task daunting, delegate out a couple of things. You'll get it done in less time, plus if you include the first two rules above, it should lead to a great sing-a-long and finish with a bottle of wine. What could be better??

With a little planning, organising can become less of a chore and more satisfying. It just takes the right attitude and the right atmosphere!

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Pattee said...

Okay, I have to admit the title made me raise an eyebrow. But dancing while exercising doesn't sound that bad actually... Might try this out later. Thank you! :)

phiphis blog said...

i make cleaning a big adventure for the kids.. and me . this was a lot of fun and that playlist rocks!

xox P

Evelyn said...

I love this idea:) I believe when I was ever so much younger, I did play music to clean house. (why oh why did I quit?) Thanks, and yes I am planning on even trying out your play list::)
Thanks for dropping in and I just popped in to meet you and follow via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Hope you week is filled with Blessings!

Bonnie Franks said...

Great ideas. I'm a bit OCD and enjoy cleaning. Seriously....I have 3 kids full time and every other weekend my husbands 2 kids from his previous marriage is here also. On top of that I have a fluffy pomeranian. I vacuum and dust everyday and clean my carpet at least twice a week. lol Think I need counseling?

Dani @ My Make-up and Beauty Obsession! said...

What a great idea and I'm loving these tunes, I will definitely have to give them a play when I next do my cleaning! xxx