happy halloween.

I must admit I've been rather envious of everyone blogging about their Halloween festivities. New Zealand hasn't quite got the hang of it yet, aside from uni students going out clubbing in costume, I can only remember a handful of times where 'trick or treaters' have come knocking on my door.

I'm not really sure why this is. Maybe it's a combination of retailers not getting into the Halloween spirit, and our preconception about it being unsafe to wander the neighbourhood getting candy from strangers.

I've been tempted on numerous occasions to buy decorations online but I'm on a decoration ban at present. Trying to store all my Christmas goodies in our teeny apartment is hard enough.

However I just came across this awesome set up down the road from my house and I've been re-inspired. I'm going to spend the rest of my day last-minute crafting to celebrate with y'all. Happy Halloween!


Cathy said...

I can't wait to hear about your Halloween decorations :) I just bought my costume (as in a black eye mask and cat ears) tonight for an affordable Cat woman. I just plan on wearing all black. So I totally understand on the last minute Halloween spirit!

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drinkcitra said...

Ooh creepy decorations :)
Your candy swap sounds fun!

Lydia said...

These are spooky!


sweetpeasylvie said...

Love the last minute spirit! Although nobody came trick or treating :( so I ended up eating half the candy myself lol

sweetpeasylvie said...

So cool right! I decorated my place, got some candy and dressed up... but no one came trick or treating!! :( more candy for me though right!

sweetpeasylvie said...

Yes let's swap!