GUEST POST style icon series : Elizabeth Taylor + FREEBIE print-out!

Today I'm glad to be here with you, hosting at Sweet Pea Sylvie. I think I'll take a moment to introduce myself, since you're probably wondering who exactly I am...
My name is Kristin and I blog over at An O'Leary Family Adventure. I am wife, mom, sister, aunt, friend, teacher, blogger, wanna-be photographer, and a Believer. The reason I blog is because I love creating and sharing with awesome ladies (dare I say gentlemen??) like yourselves.
Here's what I blog about:

I blog about many's hard to list all of them.
The only thing I do not blog about is fashion. Believe do not want to see me do a post on fashion. It'd be sweatpants and tennis shoes most the time.
Now that the introduction is over, let's talk about Sweet Pea Sylvie. What I love most about Sweet Pea Sylvie is her blog style and her Style Icon Series. With that said, let me introduce you to the style icon I am told I most resemble. Don't laugh...

You can hardly tell which is Elizabeth and which is me, right? I must be some direct descendant and my family doesn't know it yet. That was my best pouty face, yet I don't feel I accomplished the sexy pout, but more like an annoyed pout. Elizabeth Taylor did it best! She was definitely right about not being an ordinary housewife, and I can identify with her on that level as well. Although I am a teacher, I have yet to find a job, which leaves my title nowadays as Housewife. I make the meals, clean the house, and chauffeur my kiddo to school and soccer practice. I do all the things I should do as a housewife, except....when I wash and dry the laundry, it most definitely ends up unfolded on the kitchen table for days, the house is at its cleanest right before company comes over, and I avoid sweeping and dusting like the plague. I'd rather create a new blog design or hang out with my daughter and husband than do the dishes. Am I an ordinary housewife? I think not. Or maybe this is the new ordinary housewife. Either way, I am a housewife nonetheless.

As I mentioned above, I enjoy blog designing. Recently I opened shop on creating blog styles for those who cannot or do not wish to do for themselves. I love creating blog designs that people will love. So today I've created something for you lovely readers here at Sweet Pea Sylvie. These are FREE Label Shapes to use on your blog and the colors are inspired by Sweet Pea Sylvie's blog. I hope you enjoy them and use them to your heart's content. (Click to download)

Thanks for reading along today as I joined you here on this wonderful blog. Come visit me here!
Have a beautiful day, lovelies!


drinkcitra said...

Ooh I loved this post, Kristin! I'll definitely be checking your blog out
Hehe I love your look! Yea, it's really hard to tell which one is you! :P hehe

Nicole said...

Love it! Thanks for the adorable labels! So cute.

Maria Lipkin said...

Just stopping by to say hello!
I'm a new follower. found you through the blog hop. =)

Samantha Justine Zamora said...

cute labels... I wish I can do stuff like this!

(following you now via GFC, hope you follow back as well :)