four months old.

Dear Marley,

We are beginning to find our feet as a team. Things are easier for both of us, and no matter what every beautiful day is filled with ceaseless laughter and happiness. There's still many more hard times to come, and so much more that we have to learn about life and each other, but we can feel safe that we have each other to get us through.

In the weeks to come you'll start grown-up things like growing teeth, wanting real food, and beginning the road to becoming a crawler. You've begun to roll over, and are now accomplished on your Jolly Jumper, dancing about wildly. Smitten by your Daddy, you are his little shadow. All the games you play together end in fits of laughter. I can see in the feisty way you kick your little legs and the determined spark in your eyes that you'll move forward and keep growing at a lightening pace. I can't wait to see it all.

And all the while, I lament for the days that have past. I remember the day after you were born, when you were free of all the tubes and breathing on your own. You laid peacefully on my forearms with your head cupped in my hands. I remember thinking that you would never be this little again, and I tried so hard to hold on to it. Your quiet breaths, your warmth, your newborn smell, your wee clenched fists. I'll forever hold on to the moments of the past, and those yet to come. I'll hold your innocence, your curious spirit, your smiles, babbles and laughter, I'll hold it all in my heart. I'll be your memory keeper.

Happy four months my darling son, my little hero, my little heart breaker.


drinkcitra said...

Aww <3 Beautiful post and pictures

Beatriz López Lumbreras said...

he is just babies!