how to survive growth spurts.


If in doubt, get your boob out.


Marley's growth spurts have made me feel like a 24/7 all you can eat buffet.

The other night I had a rock bottom "I'm going to through the towel in" moment. Marley woke for the fourth time since 11.30pm (I think it was around 5am by this point). I was so sleep deprived I couldn't quite figure out if he was still crying from his last feed, or had gone to sleep and was crying for a new feed. I ended up going into the lounge regain my composure (a.k.a. have a cry) so for the sake of my sanity, I have searched the internet for tips on 'surviving' growth spurts. Here are some of the best ones!
  • As long as there are plenty of wet nappies and they're having good weight gains, you can be confidant you have a good milk supply.
  • Apparently the length of the growth spurts extends as the child gets older.
  • Just nurse and use the excuse for a rest.
  • Trust your baby to let you know what they need.
  • Often mama's give up breastfeeding during growth spurts because it's too tiring or because they think they don't have enough milk (DUH I always think this!) but the growth spurt is actually increasing your supply so stick with it.
  • On the note of low milk supply, if you aren't able to get much out when expressing, this is not a sign of low supply. Babies are far more talented at getting milk flowing than a pump.
  • It's okay to feel overwhelmed.
  • Kellymom is full of great resources on breastfeeding.
  • It won't last forever - soon they'll be running around all over the place so enjoy the peacefulness of late night feeding and snuggles.
  • I have Marley's cot next to my bed and we feed lying down at night, so I only have to half wake up.
  • Look after your body by resting and ensuring you're eating a healthy diet to keep you fuelled.
  • Don't watch the clock - for how long he's been nursing, for how long it's been since he last fed, or for how many times you've woken up to nurse. (Okay I need to do this too!!)
  • "Don’t allow a growth spurt to rob you of your confidence in nursing. Instead, allow it to instill confidence in your ability to read your baby’s cues. Your confidence will be further rewarded as your supply increases and your baby settles back down into a happy breastfeeding baby again, with a smart mommy who knew that sometimes baby really does know best and our job is to listen." Source.
  • And my personal fav - if in doubt, get your boob out. 
I would love to know if you have any other tips?! You can read my first post on breastfeeding "I make milk, what's your superpower?" here.


Lydia said...

Aww your baby is so sweet!

Danielle Barfield said...

"If in doubt, get your boob out" AMEN! My baby is only 1 month old but already I feel your pain. We do need some super human strength during these growth spurts! I'm your newest follower. If ya get a chance, check out my blog:

drinkcitra said...

Aw such a great post and picture!
I think I may have said this before, but your posts like these will definitely help me in the future!