Debbie Harry : style icon series

(* That's meant to say asymmetrical lol sorry I didn't save the .psd file to fix it!)

I've been sticking with more classic icons since starting this series, so I think it's time to add a in a bit of fun, a la Debbie Harry. Feel free to leave suggestions of icons you want to see featured!

Previous icons in this series:
Liz Taylor
Jackie O
Brigitte Bardot


Lydia said...

Her style is FABULOUS! So chic. ♥

drinkcitra said...

Absolutely love her style!! :D

Sarah Evans said...

Debbie Harry is or was such an icon. I love her voice for sure. Time hasn't been all that kind to her but it's a sign of a life lived to the full I guess.


Bonnie said...

I have always loved her hair. She kept it fun and edgy.
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