confessions of a stay at home mum.

Confession time! I'm going to write out all my bad mummy things in the hope that someone else might say "I do that too!" and I can take solace in the fact that I'm not the only one ;)
  • Sometimes I only shower every second day.
  • Sometimes I am in my pajamas until 4pm.
  • Sometimes I skip chores to do blogging.
  • Sometimes I stay inside on beautiful days because I don't have the energy to get the push chair organised etc etc.
  • Sometimes I let Marley kick around in bed with me in the mornings because I don't want to get up straight away.
  • Sometimes I don't bother to change my clothes if they get spew or pee on them.
  • Sometimes I race around at 4.30pm tidying up so it looks like I actually achieved something when Tav gets home from work.
  • Sometimes I wish I was still pregnant so I don't have to carry all the groceries in.
  • Sometimes I still wear my worn-out maternity leggings because they are so comfy.
  • Sometimes I compare to myself to my mother and wonder how she did it all with us kids and still never went a day without lipstick.
What are your confessions?


Cocalores said...

I'm not a mom, but I have to confess some of the same things, too! Hanging out in sweatpants all day, doing nothing or blogging, might have happened once or twice while I was off work, and I might even have pretended to have been working by quickly picking up two or three things lying around when the hubs came home. (I'm not saying that it did happen... *g*) Go you! There's nothing to be ashamed of here =)

Jelli said...

I really enjoyed giggling through your list. I definitely put blogging over chores pretty often. I'm also guilty of leaving my baby in her crib a few minutes after naptime is over just so I can send my last Tweet. Oops!

Della Marie said...

I relate to this SO WELL! I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone... I would confess that sometimes I need naptime just as much as my son does.

rebecca hope said...

I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom...unfortunately, I can't. My husband though is a stay at home dad. Some days I envy him...but you know, I also really love my job too and one day I may get the chance to stay at home, but not anytime soon. Enjoy it!

Jelli said...

Most days, I put my pjs on at 5pm. Truth. Isn't it funny the peculiarities that life takes on as a SAHM or as a mom by all means, really? Thanks for sharing with me this week, Sylvia.

sweetpeasylvie said...

Thanks Sonya! Good to know I'm not alone. I'll swing by your blog soon x

Sonya Gomez said...

Sometimes I do a lot of those things too!! great blog and thanks for co hosting. Im your newest follower.