this is for my girls.

I'm always seeing lots of love stories on blogs. It seems bloggers love to yarn on about romance until the cows come home. Which is totally fine! But today I want to talk about a different kind of love story because we really don't celebrate these amazing people enough...

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Our girls. Our sisters. Our BFF's.

I'm at that point in my life where everyone starts moving to opposite ends of globe, and the definition of true friendship is becoming redefined. We have become busy with our careers, our relationships, and our children, that we don't stay in touch as often as we used to. We don't go out every Saturday night or go for coffee dates religiously like we used to. Now, we see each other through Skype when we can squeeze it into our schedules, and we need things like babies or weddings to bring us all together in real life.

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While our friends are the ones we go to when we are sad, happy or somewhere in between, I don't think we celebrate our girls as much as we should. When was the last time you told your friends how much you appreciate them?

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I'm realising that friendship is about quality not quantity. Maybe we aren't hanging out every week, but when we do catch up, it's like distance or time doesn't exist. It feels like just yesterday that I saw them. I think about how they are doing all the time, and I hope that they are happy with their lives. I want them to know I miss them heaps, but I love them even more.

So this one is for my girls. I love you crazy people! Please don't ever change!


Sylvie xx


LoveLucy said...

Never a truer word spoken Sylv :D

Danielle said...

Yay for friends! This is good!!

Thanks for linking up on the HOP today!

ApplePie said...

I followed you and I just started a blog, it's dutch. But you could use translate of course. Following would mean alot to me! (I have a blog hop atm)