monday magic.

My weekend started off with a chocolate croissant at a local french cafe with a friend, and it ended on the couch having family cuddles and chicken nuggets. In between I went to see a beautiful ballet documentary screening at the New Zealand Film Festival called First Position. I also attended the Royal New Zealand Ballet's performance of Cinderella, and sat a few seats away from Gillian Murphy, who is one of the best dancers in America. Whoa!! It was nice to have some mummy and daddy time too :)

I think it is fair to say I LOVE WEEKENDS.

So carrying on this feel good vibe, here's some words to make our Monday's a bit more magic, too.

              Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

                                     Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

                                        Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

                                                         Source: Uploaded by user via Sylvia on Pinterest

Every time I leave Marley I miss him and think about him a lot (this has only been a handful of occasions so far). I think he misses me too! :(

But I know a happy mum means a happy home and being happy for me means not being a slave to this motherhood role, but rather taking it in my stride and maintaining my identity. I can be a great mum AND be a great Sylvie. To do that, it means having a bit of 'me time'.

Stay-at-home-mums: What do you guys do for your 'me time'? Do you have any other tips for staying sane?

Happy Monday!

Sylvie xx

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camille nicole said...

I love all your posters that you've found--I'm a VERY amateur graphic designer, and I LOVE seeing quotes that I wish I had designed. :)

I found you through Mom's Monday Mingle...hope you'll come over and have a look!