land of the long white cloud.

The Maori word for New Zealand is Aotearoa which translates to the land of the long white cloud. Well they certainly got the cloud part right, although lately they have mostly been grey, not white.

This here folks is the art of landscape photography attempts at 100km per hour. Really it is 95% luck, 5% post editing. I didn't even crop them just so you would believe me :)
It really kills the boredom on long road trips through the country side in bad weather. I hope you like it!


Sherry Williams said...

I was scanning threw them thinking of all the ones I would mark that I liked, but I like them all. Especially the blue sky and green field. I love roadtrips!

Glad to have you back ;D

drinkcitra said...

All of these pictures look amazing! I would love to see the scenery in person!

Kassica said...

Love the first picture!

Jen Kluftinger said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!! I'm so glad I discovered your blog today.. you do some really nice work. Following for sure :)