50 Shades of Grey.

I heard speculation that Emma Watson is in negotiations to play Ana in the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. This got me thinking about who they might cast to play Christian Grey?Personally I didn't enjoy the novel - I found Ana's narrative frustrating and 2-dimensional. However, I would be inclined to see the film depending on the cast. I don't know how this post is relevant to my blog, but just because I can I've made up my own ideal list of Christian Grey's...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

George Clooney (yes a bit old for the character, but let's appreciate him all the same)
Source: buzzfeed.com via Sylvia on Pinterest

Jon Hamm (again he's a bit old, but so well suited!)

Jake Gyllenhaal

Ian Somerhalder

Henry Cavill
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And Ryan Gosling, OF COURSE!

 Who would you like to see as Christian Grey? Did you enjoy the novel?

Sylvie xx


Anonymous said...

Ryan gosling all the way, I reackon he could pull some tricks from that movie Drive for Christian Grey, that and he's gorgeous!

sweetpea.sylvie said...

He's so good in Drive!! I think I will re-watch that this afternoon :) thanks for commenting x

Nicholl Vincent said...

I actually pictured ian somerhalder too!

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Sarah Segovia said...

holy hotness! I didnt read the book ...but I do not mind seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt hehe :)
New follower!
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Anonymous said...

oh joseph gordon-levitt! Love him he's adorable. Or Ryan Gosling and his rock hard abs lol.
Ash x

Sherry Williams said...

Now those are some good looking men. I love George Clooney's voice. lol is that weird?

sweetpea.sylvie said...

no way! what's not to love about Clooney lol

kate mcleod said...

I pictured Matt Bomer as Christian Grey! he is so beautiful!!

Sylvia Holman said...

ooh yes that's a good suggestion!

JoJo said...

ahhhh theyre all good choices!! ian, john, joseph OMG some one needs to just make a movie with them three lol id die. ryan stands alone cuz hes just that good.