Marley is six weeks old today, I'm so glad we have survived the hardest part! It has been particularly difficult living so far away from my family, but every day gets easier. In honor of this, I think I deserve a few treats. Here's a few things on my wish list!

  1. Chanel Matte Top Coat Velvet
  2. Phil & Teds Smart Compact Stroller
  3. Converse Marimekko All Star Premium Spotted Ox Sneakers
  4. Von Eshna Gold Monogram Disc Necklace
  5.  Snob Matte Lipstick by M.A.C
  6. Luc Fournol Framed Photographic Print

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Can't wait to watch the Olympics opening ceremony tomorrow!

Sylvie xx


Sherry Williams said...

I would buy them all, well except the stroller since I have no children! But that lipstick you mentioned before to me is gorgeous!

Also, I tried to give that Revlon Matte lipstick another shot....and it didn't magically get better like I anticipated!

sweetpea.sylvie said...

Oh no! I wonder if it is just the lighter colours that do that? I have another Matte Revlon one in 'Really Red' which I haven't worn yet. It's quite a deep red so it might not build up as much. I will try it out and let you know lol

Heather Sullivan said...

Ah, that P&T's stroller is on my list too! I don't need another stroller as the first P&T's I have is doing just fine, but this one is just too cute!!

sweetpea.sylvie said...

It just looks so compact to take out for shopping and catching public transport, plus it looks so stylish right :) which one do you have at the moment?

beautybydenishamarie said...

great blog :) i found your link on the followers to friends posted by sherry :)