the perfect winter day.

The sun finally came out today, which was great because I was just about at my wits end with cabin fever. Marley and I got out in the sunshine for a nice walk, and I got lots of washing done - success!
I picked up this Revlon nail polish called Coastal Surf for only $10 from Farmers on sale. The pic isn't too great, but it's the perfect creamy sky blue shade. It's going to be my little reminder of summer on my finger tips.

Plus I'm loving this song. It matches today perfectly.

Sylvie xx

p.s. did you hear No Doubt have a released a new single?! It's very cool. 

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kendra @ little almanac said...

Really? No Doubt came back together? I'll have to check it out. And congrats on your 1 month old babe! It seriously goes by so fast!