one month old.

I have spew on my jumper and something inconspicuous in my hair. The dishes are piled up and I unashamedly slept in a sleeping bag last night because I ran out of sheets (Wellington winter means everything takes a week to dry on the line). I've shed some tears, pulled out my hair, and slept less than I did when I was a partying student (I didn't even think that was possible).

                                                                 Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

But aside from all of this, there have been a million great moments I have shared with you (and fitting back into my pre-pregnancy pants, that was great too).

                                                  Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

  • You were 5kgs seven days ago, and you look like you've gotten bigger still. 
  • You love looking at Freddie Firefly while I change your nappy, sometimes you try to reach out to him or try put him in your mouth (in fact, you try to put anything in your mouth). 
  • You can roll over from your tummy to your back without our help, that is so clever! And you like to prop up on your arms during tummy time so you can have a look around at your new world. 
  • You get excited when you know you are about to be fed by shaking your head around like mad and making funny panting noises, sometimes you are SO excited it takes you a while to latch. 
  • You like to grab my hair, and your neck is hidden behind three chubby rolls. 
  • You manage to poo or spew on all your nice outfits, on mummy and daddy, and on all of our linen. You've bought copious amounts of joy to your family and friends, and you have a bigger wardrobe than your mum and dad combined. 
  • You like to fall asleep on my chest, and I ask you "baby how did you ever fit in my tummy??!". 
  • I've seen you smile, you even do it in your sleep. I hope its because you're having happy dreams.

Some people travel around the world to find themselves, to understand the concept of life and how to live it the best way possible. I got lucky and didn't even have to leave. 

Happy one month little Marley. I can't wait to see more of your curious spirit. Mummy loves you.

Sylvie xx


Samantha Linn said...

Jeez you are cute!!! Well done Mama Sylv, proud of you and your little man. Loving the blog since I cant come visit xxx

sweetpea.sylvie said...

thanks sam :) love following your blog adventures too! it sounds amazing xx

ShariGold said...

aww so precious i love babies.. congratulations