project: get organised

Photo via Martha Stewart

I'm a woman with a plan...

[Warning: pregnant woman in nesting mode follows]

Given that I'm going to be at home an awful lot, I've decided its time to revise how my home is organised for various reasons including...

- Being in a tidy home feels really nice
- I don't want to feel like I'm constantly doing chores or lose my mind because of them

If managing a multi-million dollar business has taught me one thing it would be that effective systems minimise workload and double handling! SO why not apply the same principles to my home??

                                                  Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

Some of the things I want to address in my {project: get organised} are:
- Organising my house a.k.a optimising the small space I have and getting rid of clutter
- Creating a daily routine
- Making a cleaning schedule that I can actually stick too
- Grocery list/meal planning
- And more things which I haven't thought of just yet...

I want to blog about this project because then I have someone to hold me accountable, plus everything is way more fun with friends (see above video!).
If you want to join me on this project I would be real stoked. We can get organised together and be way cooler, younger versions of Martha Stewart mixed with the glam of the Sex and The City girls.

Sylvie xx


Anonymous said...

nice one lady!

Anonymous said...

cool project babe can't wait to see it unfold :)

zoey said...

hhahaha ur so cute sylz

Shelly Ann said...

Pregnant nesting is always fun. Hope you accomplish it! New follower from the Friday Blog Hop.