makeup organisation. { project: get organised }

I had planned on organising my make up 2 weeks ago as part of my project: get organised, but little Marley had other plans and my waters broke! Now that things are starting to settle down again, I've given this a second attempt. Also being the minority gender in the house now, I thought it was a good opportunity to claim some girly space!

Firstly, I made us a collection of photos for inspiration.

Check out this awesome magnetic makeup board!!

The Result:

I won't show you my 'before' photos because its too embarrassing, but here are the 'after' shots.

I threw away anything that was old or hasn't been used in forever. Then I decided if I make my regular products accessible, then I'm less likely to make it messy because its so easy to put away in its proper place.

I bought the pink containers from WiseBuys for $2, and the crystal bowl was $10 off TradeMe (not sure what I'm going to put in there yet but it looks pretty for now).

I am planning on buying some pretty hooks from Bunnings to hang my jewelry and scarves from, but for now they can hang from the light.

It feels so good to have this done! Next up for project organise I'm going to do a cleaning schedule, so check back soon :)

Sylvie xx


Renee said...

I have the same diary! I love it :), I wish there was a kikki.K closer to the city, I have to do a huge shop whenever I'm home in Hamilton!

sweetpea.sylvie said...

Hamilton has a Kikki K now?! typical that when I left after living there for 10 years it get a lot cooler lol. do we have anything else in common?? lol

Rrecommends said...

Very glad I found this post- I've just moved into a new house and my dressing table currently looks like a train has hit it! going to get my organizing on soon! xx